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Hope for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The damage done by childhood sexual abuse does not simply heal when one becomes an adult – it lingers and continues to have an affect often times without victims even being aware of it. Wounded Heart support groups help victims of abuse not only understand how that trauma affects them day to day, but also how to address it biblically.

New Classes begin in the Fall and Spring.

Who do I Contact?

Giang Mullins
Call/Text: (636) 627-1545

Stefan Rechtlich
Call/Text: (636) 751-5991

Healing Is A Choice

Taking the hurts and pains that come from living in a fallen world and using them to grow, change and glorify God.

Healing Is A Choice

Healing Ministries

The Crossings Innerbelt counseling ministries are specifically designed to help you overcome any obstacle you may face

Healing Awaits!

Game Plan

Support for those who struggle with sexual sin.

Game Plan